Frequently Asked Questions

No we refuse to. Plastic sprays can’t handle the water pressure experienced in Australia and break easily all products in the handspray range are made from high quality brass fittings that have been finished of superbly with a brilliant chrome finish.

All fittings supplied to you from Handspray hold a watermark rating of 500 KPA to our knowledge we are the only company that has supplying fully tested hand sprays to the Australian market.

You will need a pressure reducer if your pressure is over 350 KPA Handspray trigger operation will become harder when pressure increases above 350KPA.

As all our product is made from metal they are all chrome and the royal handspray has gold trimming.

Yes, however life of the handspray may be reduced due to mineral deposits from the water.

You may need to obtain your landlord’s permission. When you have to move house, removal of the handspray simply means removing the water diverter and handspray you can purchase another braided hose from us.

Average installation time is around 2 minutes if you are just replacing your sprayer and hose, if you are installing the whole kit about 15 min should cover it, and the only tool you will need is a shifting spanner.

Your order if placed before 3pm it will usually be dispatched on the same day, if you purchased via our online shopping cart.

Standard Delivery charges are $35.00 AU per item below $1000.00 Australia wide .

In some circumstances delivery charges may increase from $35.00 per order due to incorrect address data, repeated attempts to deliver a package without success due to client unavailability or other unforseen circumstances.

We include the insurance at no extra cost we can track your purchase from our warehouse to your home so if for some reason you have not received your order rest assured we can find it, or if it got lost your insurance will pay for another to be dispatched to your home.

Yes, very secure. All payments are made through PayPal Australia. PayPal processes your credit card details, we receive the order, and the funds are then transferred to our PayPal account. We guarantee that your credit card details are never seen or kept by us.

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