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Bidets and Bidet douches should be installed in accordance with Australia Standard AS3500 Section 10A

Plumber Guide

10A.2.3 Toilet seat douches

Where the douche outlet is, in all positions, at least 25mm above the overflow level of the pan, backflow prevention is not required.

Where the outlet, in any position, is less than 25mm above the overflow of the pan, a high-hazard backflow prevention device, complying with AS/NZS 2845.1 or AS/NZ 2845.2, shall be installed. This device shall be either part of the douche or installed separately.

Plumbing Info

Although the manufacturer has designed this product for easy installation, in other countries most people do it themselves. In Australia, the plumbing code mandates that this product needs to be installed by a plumber and we do advise that you comply.

*Same rules apply to other household products like washing machine, fridges with water connection and any water filter or appliance connected to a water tap.

Most toilet have a flex pipe

Remove Flex Pipe

Place dual check on tap, ensuring you insert into the bottom of the backflow dual check.

Fit handspray hose to water diverter, ensuring you insert black washer.

Fit water divert-er to cistern, ensuring you insert black washer

Connect flex pipe

Consumer Guide

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