Modern Handspray

All about the now and the future.

With a unique tubular shape and finished off in highly polished chrome, it will compliment any bathroom.

High Quality Construction

All of our handspray models are made from high quality chrome plated brass, unlike other handspray options available that are made of plastic.

All external and Internal parts are metal, this is the reason that only Handspray products can handle the high pressure water supply that many Australians experience in their homes.

Handspray Installed

The handspray system is the cleanest, most appealing, high quality, reliable, easy to use, full metal bidet spray system available on the market today.

Installation is so simple with all parts supplied, all you need is a spanner! Click here for Installation Instructions.

The water diverter allows you to turn on the handspray with just a turn of a dial. It has been specially designed with a unique safety feature to ensure the user always turns it off. The dial needs to be in a downward position to operate the handspray and in an upward position to fill the cistern.

The flexible hose supplied was specifically manufactured with deep dish nuts. This allows for easy installation and helps prevent cross threading. The unique cone shaped washer enables the installation process to be quick and simple, eliminating the need of plumbers tape.


The backflow device provided is small and of the highest quality.  Most dual check valves are only tested to 700KPA, but the dual check valve supplied holds a safety rating of 1200KPA.

If you live in a high pressure water area then you will require a pressure restrictor. Most pressure limiting valves are large and bulky, but the pressure restrictor supplied has a slimline design.

Existing Installation

New Installation

High Pressure Installation

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