High Pressure Kit – Modern Handspray


All the Hand spray models are made from high quality chrome plated brass. Unlike other sprays available those are made of plastic and break easily. All external and Internal parts are metal, this is the reason that only Handspray products can handle the high pressure water supply that many Australians experience in their homes.


Box Includes:

  • Handspray
  • High Pressure 1500 kpa hose
  • Holder
  • Screw
  • Dual Check Back Flow
  • Water Diverter
  • Braided Hose
  • Pressure Reducing Valve

The handspray system is the cleanest, most appealing, high quality, reliable, full metal bidet spray system available on the market today.

Installation is so simple with all parts supplied, all you need is a spanner! Click here for Installation Instructions.

The handspray system is easy to use.

The tiny water diverter allows you to turn on the handspray with just a turn of a dial. The water diverter has been specially designed with a unique safety feature to ensure the user always turns it off. The dial needs to be in a downward position to operate the handspray and in an upward position to fill the cistern.

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